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Eye Examinations

Is it Time for your Eye Exam?

Dealing with blurry vision can be frustrating. Aside from the thorough eye exam, we have a large selection of frames and personalized lenses to enhance your vision. Make an appointment with our Optometrist James Cattarin today.

Full Comprehensive Exam:

  • Checking overall eye health
  • Refraction
  • Dilation when needed
  • Glaucoma Check
  • Your pupil reflexes
  • General eye muscle testing
  • Basic peripheral vision testing
  • Refraction using a phoropter.
  • Measuring of the corneal curvature (usually only for contact lenses) using a keratometer.
  • Examination of the front of the eye using an upright microscope called a slit lamp.
  • Your visual acuity with (and/or without) your current eyeglasses
  • Examination of the back of the eye, with an ophthalmoscope
  • Precision eye pressure check with a tonometer
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